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I would like to thank all those who made it possible for my selection as one of your 2017 Canadian National OpenJudges. I consider it a great honor and a privilege and look forward to the task.

I was born and raised in a small farming community in Southern Minnesota where pheasant and duck hunting was a rite of passage. My early hunting experiences (age 12 -15) were with my Spaniel like dog and my cousins American Cockers, riding around on a tractor and wagon hunting all the neighbors’ swamps and sloughs. After graduating high school in 1962 from Le Sueur, Minnesota I migrated 20 miles further north, got married and started to raise a family with three children.

Spaniels came into the Meyer house in 1977 when my young son decided we needed a hunting dog; not just any dog it had to be a Springer. After training the pup for a little over a year we received an invite to ride along and participate in a Spaniel field trial in Winnipeg, Manitoba where son John (then 13) had entered Maggie in two unsteady stakes and two steady stakes. The first stake didn’t go so well, but he ended up with two blue and one red ribbon, so the hook was set for the next nearly 40 years.

I have been very fortunate to have some talented dogs and some very good friends to share training and travel experiences over the years. FC/AFC Bluff Creeks Shadow was my first dog; he was so good he taught me to expect the best every time he ran. Shadow’s induction into the Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2010 was proof enough for me. Since that time his Son, Grandson and Granddaughter have been inducted as well. While he was my first the good fortune continued with four more dogs one of which was a National Amateur Champion, all of which were Field champions; Amateur and Open.

I truly look forward to judging my third Canadian National, 1983 was my first with Co-judge Les Girling; my second was in 1995 with Co-judge Terry Pellow. So here we are 34 years later and still at it. My current position with the American Kennel Club as a traveling Field representative for the last 10 years allows me to observe spaniels and conduct judging seminars in the field nearly every weekend.

Good luck to all competitors. Show Jeff and I your best.


I was born in Sudbury, Ontario and have lived in various locations throughout Ontario my entire life – the past 37 years in Kitchener. I’ve retired from veterinary practice following 40 years in clinical medicine and surgery. I have enjoyed sharing our home and hunting over multiple Springers for the past 33 years and 2 very fine Labradors prior to the Springers. Donna, my wife of 39 years was very tolerant of my hobbies and idiosyncrasies and I cherish her memory. Our daughter Kimberlee lives with me, works full time and is a great help with the dogs and their training.

My involvement with field trial Spaniels started 11 years ago with basic hunt training for my third Springer. "Hemi's" intense desire led to the more advanced training required to be competitive. With help from club members of both the Central Ontario and South Western Ontario spaniel clubs she achieved both field trial champion and master hunter status. Hemi’s retirement from competition allows her to enjoy the more relaxed life of my number one hunting companion. FTCh AFTCh Tararidges Charger MH and a youngster, Thistle’s Brambles and Briars, are my current trial prospects.

The many good friends and memories which I have garnered over the past decade are more than enough to assure my continued participation in this great sport. Thanks to everyone who helped create and share in those memories.

I am very honoured to be selected as one of the judges of this year’s Canadian Open Spaniel Championship. I have had the opportunity to judge with Tom on a previous occasion and am looking forward to working with him again. Trust that we will be very positive and give your dogs all the opportunity to display their talents. Thank you for your confidence in selecting me as one of the judges of this year’s National.

I wish the very best of luck to all competitors.