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Message from Myra Bratrud
2017 Canadian National Open Field Trial Chairperson

Spaniels have been a part of my life for over 40 years. We started out with a cocker spaniel and followed up with 2 Springers from Breezy Point Kennels in Medicine Hat in 1989. Tom was encouraged to join the Calgary English Springer Spaniel Club by Terry Pellow, which he did and our lives changed for the better.

We attended our first field trial in June of 1990. That trial was held near Hartel where we were fortunate to meet Chris and Ron McKay, Ian Holmes, Steve Harper, the Birse family, Tom Beyer, Jack Porter, Bert Kutos, and several others. Chris gave me a short dissertation on the workings of a field trial and I was hooked. All of these people ultimately helped us to achieve a large level of success with our dogs. I couldn't believe the quality of dog work but it was nothing compared to what you see today!

Shortly thereafter, Richard Turner moved to Calgary and took Tom under his wing. Most aspects of training require at least three people so I was conscripted. We trained several days a week, rain or shine. Initially, I didn’t know very much, but I soon caught on and in no time could swear as well as the boys.

I watched many trials from the gallery then became more involved by shagging, then helping to plant by driving the quad, then marshalling. My real desire was to get more involved and run my own dog. Our first litter was happening and I kept back a puppy from FTCH Breezy Points a Brittany Belle and Tom Meyer's FC Rebel. The result of this breeding was Skaar’s Midwinter Maiden, my first champion. She became a positive influence in my life in so many ways! Since Maddie, I have trained and trialed three additional dogs, one of which became a double champion. In total, Tom and I have generated 16 Championship certificates. The time seems to have flown by, but this happens when you are enjoying life and dogs.

As a whole, we have met many wonderful people over the years, from all over Canada and the United States but also England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It's been a wonderful ride!

I have chaired a few trials over the years but this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to chair a National. Our National Field Trial Committee is second to none. The eagerness, experience and exuberance displayed by them have shown me that we will have the best National ever!

To all competitors, I wish you all the luck in the world! May all your moving birds be produced, flushed, shot, and retrieved.

Thank you so much for attending this National. We appreciate your support.

Myra Bratrud