Talbot Radcliff Top Amateur Handled Dog


Talbot Radcliffe is the one person who had the most influence on the modern day English Springer Spaniel. His Saighton line can be found in the bloodlines of most North American Field bread Spaniels. In 1999 Mr. Radcliffe's Estate donated this trophy in his memory to the Canadian National. This tiny goblet is of solid silver and was made from the melting down all of Talbot Radcliffe's trophies, the silver was extracted and this goblet was given to the Canadian National Spaniel Open All Age Field Trial. This prestigious trophy is to be presented to the top Amateur handler at the National.


Presented to the best amateur handled dog at the Canadian National.

Past Winners
2015 Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil Frank Wiseman
2014 Dawsonlee Faithful Jeff Miller
2013 Blackriver’s Tanner Jeff Miller
2012 Spurvalley’s Bushbuster Greg Royer
2011 Lady Caramel Bill McCaffrey
2010 Gasperaumtn Outlaw Harley Andre Trudel
2009 Skaars Saphire Shaaka Tom Bratrud
2008 Whispering Pines Magnitude Mari Peschel
2007 Puckerbrush Briley Vern Knapp
2006 Gre Shar Big Boss Man Greg Mitchell
2005 Prairiewest Tika Alice Stewart
2004 Rolling Oaks Sumday Bud Harold Wiltsie
2003 Longbrier Sage Bruce Outhouse
2002 Skaar’s Whitlock’s Warrior John Wright
2001 Fieldbourn’s Ruger Dean Reinke
2000 Sundee’s Okanagan Cumbria John A. Eadie
1999 Doubletree’s Double Down Tom Menzel
1998 Raintree’s Lazarus Ed Faraci Sr.