Pel Tan Roly Challenge Trophy


From Rochester Washington Jeff Miller owns and operates Blackriver Kennels and has trained and handled numerous Field Champions both in Canada and the USA, two of which are Canadian National Field Trial Champions. His most beloved dog Roly won two Nationals, Placed 2nd at a National, was a Canadian Field Trial Champion, U.S. Open All Age Field Trial Champion as well as US Amateur Field Trial Champion. He also sired Canadian National Champion, CNFC Blackriver's Keno and was the grandfather of two U.S Open National Champions, NFC Canis Serius and NFC G&D's Edward. As well he has been inducted into the Gundog Hall of Fame.

Roly is truly a dog truly worth recognition.


Presented to the winning dog at the Canadian National Open All Age field Trial Championship.

Past Winners
2015 Sunrise Sally II Rick Walker/Gary Wilson
2014 Dawsonlee Faithful Jeff Miller/Jeff Miller
2013 Blackriver’s Tanner Jeff Miller/Jeff Miller
2012 Spurvalley’s Bushbuster Greg Royer/Greg Royer
2011 Lady Caramel Tanya McCaffrey/Bill McCaffrey
2010 Warrener’s Wilson’s Plover Alan & Sue Wilson/Paul McGagh
2009 Prairie Meadows Rise ‘N Shout Craig Foss/Marty Knibbs
2008 Cedar Boughs Slipshot Bill Willett/Marty Knibbs
2007 O’Gallaher’s Bryg Robert Montler/Marty Knibbs
2006 Gre-Shar Big Boss Man Greg Mitchell/Greg Mitchell
2005 Warrener’s California Quail Paul McGagh/Paul McGagh
2004 Rolling Oaks Sumday Bud Harold & Heather Wiltse/Harold Wiltse
2003 Samantha’s Royal Flush Leaman Ames/Ben Martin