Haas Challenge Trophy


Joe Haas lived in Buffalo New York and enjoyed coming to Canadian Spaniel field trials in the 1950's and 1960's. Mr. Haas donated this trophy to ensure that Canadian owned dogs received recognition for there performance at the Canadian National Spaniel Field Trial Championship.


Presented to the best Canadian owned dog at the Canadian National Spaniel Open All Age Field Trial Championship.

Past Winners
2015 Sunrise Sally II Rick Walker/Gary Wilson
2014 Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil Frank Wiseman
2013 Longbrier Great White Bruce Outhouse
2012 Spurvalley’s Bushbuster Greg Royer
2011 Lady Caramel  Tanya McCaffrey/Bill McCaffrey
2010 Gasperaumtn Outlaw Harley Andre Trudel
2009 Skaars Saphire Shaaka Tom Bratrud
2008 Expressway’s High Country Jade K. Mroczek/Casey Butz
2007 Curragh Storm Alex Stewart
2006 Gre Shar Big Boss Man Greg Mitchell
2005 Flushing Wing Jazz Man John Fillier/John Mitchell
2004 Rolling Oats Sumday Bud Harold Wiltsie
2003 Longbrier Sage Bruce Outhouse
2002 Sunrise Texas Tornado Hugh Davidson/Marty Knibbs
2001 Cruise Control J. Williams and C. Barriage/ John Mitchell
2000 Sundee’s Okanagan Cumbria¬† John A. Eadie
1999 Birdrowe Fury of Webbswood D.G. McCurdy/John Mitchell
1998 Birdrowe Fury of Webbswood D.G. McCurdy/John Mitchell
1997 Stone Brigg’s Abbit-O-Dash Casey Butz
1996 Cee Gem’s Champagne Ed Spooner
1995 Expressways Magnet Clay Earl
1994 Expressways Magnet Clay Earl
1993 Black Powder Dan Campbell/Marty Knibbs
1992 Lockports Ketchum If You Can M. Cherewan/M. Knibbs
1991 Raptor’s Roost Kestrel Jamie Armour
1990 Windmillwood Storm Ewen MacMillan/Terry Pellow
1989 Winnimac’s Widgeon E. Anderson/D. Langhans
1988 Sherwoood’s Ace In The Hole A.E. MacMillan
1987 Whitlocks Warrior T. Pellow
1986 Windmillwood Storm A.E. MacMillan
1985 Saighton Sharp D.G. McCurdy
1984 Whisperpine’s Starter B. Mooney
1983 Whisperpine’s Starter B. Mooney
1981 Springville Happy Frank & Bonnie O’Grady/Frank O’Grady
1980 Hunter-Brooks Shanda Gary Shantz
1979 Chevrier’s Scarlet Quince Bob Palmer
1978 Marshfield’s LOace Blaine Mooney
1977 Marshfield’s Gary Jack Williams
1976 Tara VI Frank O’Grady
1975 Tara VI Frank O’Grady
1974 Tara VI Frank O’Grady
1973 Marshfields Tiger L. Girling
1972 Marshfields Tiger L. Girling
1964 Rogue O’Rock Acre W.E. Watt
1963 Pam’s Aphrodite of Camden George Webster
1962 Dan-Dee of Melilotus L.R. Bunker
1961 Trent Valley Andrea of Athlone T. Atherton
1960 Dunoon Diana C.W.A. Coop